The Covid-19 global pandemic has been devastating for many, especially small businesses who are at the heart of local economies.

EDS is here to help you recover and replenish your communities’ prosperity to its fullest potential.

  • Does your community have a Covid-19 relief program designed?
  • Does your community desire to have a Covid-19 relief program?

If the answer to either question is YES, then EDS is here to help you. From drafting legislation to program management, EDS has the knowledge and experience to draft relief legislation and develop, implement, and manage programs from inception to completion. EDS addresses these programs in an efficient, effective, and goal-oriented manner, allowing your community to receive the help it deserves.

EDS uses integrating high-tech platforms, next-generation community concepts, and strategic positioning. We utilize proprietary technology to integrate and manage Economic Development products to maximize community benefit.

Unrivaled industry and functional expertise, core community, and inclusivity values guide everything we do.

Why Choose EDS?

EDS can help your community rebuild or recover if:

  • You need technical expertise to develop, implement, or manage local, state, or federal recovery programs;

  • You need assistance drafting local legislation or completing federal grant applications for recovery programs;
  • You need technical training on how to manage recovery programs; or

  • You need specific project management guidance or coordination.
  • Your need to boost your capacity in economic development — whether as part-time support or full representation

Products and Services

EDS has developed a bespoke product, based on proprietary software, that can be used to manage disaster recovery programs. It is a virtual program that allows for the quick implementation of recovery programs with built-in communications software, off-the-shelf media kits, and a program specific website. This product comes equipped with experienced staff members, comprising of:

  • Bilingual representatives,
  • Seasoned Underwriters,
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA),
  • Expert Grant and Legislation writers,
  • Program Managers,
  • Researchers and Analysts,
  • Economic Development Strategic Planners,
  • Skilled Public Relations professionals, and
  • Knowledgeable Legal support

If you are looking for an immediate program, with proven success,
then this product is READY TO WORK to restore your Community to its pre-disaster position!

Reposition your Community as a Leader Today!