Economic Development Strategies (EDS) is focused on providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of their geographical location. In their pursuit of developing economies, EDS has acquired knowledge and experience through the managing of multicultural teams in 11 countries, 27 U.S. states, and 4 U.S. territories. EDS is focused on the development of economics, with expertise in tourism, food access issues, and economic development incentives.

From disaster recover to sustainability,
EDS is your one-stop-shop for growing your Island economy!


Food Access

In many Small Island Developing States (SIDS), food imports are the largest source of nutrition. In most SIDS, farming is small-scale and unsustainable due to various environmental reasons, such as disastrous storms. Therefore, EDS is currently trying to abate these issues with an indoor, vertical and sustainable farm to produce fresh vegetables, herbs, and other sources of healthy nutrients for residents. The implementation of such farms will address the food access issues faced by many SIDS, providing residents ample access to adequate sustenance for a nutritional diet.


Tourism is an economic stimulant that increases income potential and develops critical resources within the community, such as infrastructure improvements and job creation, that benefit locals and tourists. EDS has the ability to make your community flourish from the positive impacts of tourism using strategic planning and economic development strategies.

Economic development (ED) is the process of directed activities and programs that improve the economic prosperity and quality of life of the community by building local capital, diversifying the economy, and creating and retaining local jobs. EDS has 30 years worth of knowledge and experience that enables us to apply for federal grants, develop specific programs, and implement specific ED projects to enhance your community.

International Economic Development Council (IEDC)

EDS is a proud member of the IEDC, which the largest and oldest organization of economic development professionals in the world. Additionally, our very own Lynn A. Knight, CEcD served as the Vice President of Knowledge Management and Development at the IEDC for over 5 years!

So, what are you waiting for?