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Offered throughout the United States, and its territories, EDS provides seminars for interested professionals covering both generalized and specialized economic development concepts. Our seminars are designed to be informative and interactive as they provide constructive tools for government organizations to apply within their communities. Our instructors consist of nationally recognized subject matter experts and thought leaders on rural economies, tourism development, disaster recovery and city management who are looking to equip local leaders with the necessary tools to create and sustain a thriving economy.

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Economic Development 101 for Community Leaders
An introduction to the fundamentals, system and practice of economic development, with focus on attracting, starting, and retaining businesses. This presentation discusses what economic development is, how it should shape your community’s strategies and address questions or preconceptions your community has on balancing economic development with quality of life.

Establishing an Economic Development Department
Whether your community does not have an ED Department or it is structured improperly, EDS experts teach leaders how to create, fund, staff and sustain an ED Department.

Resilience & Economic Recovery: A Layered Approach to Navigating Resources
This seminar presents the basic concepts of economic resilience and its connection to economic recovery. Taking abstract concepts to smart goals, after this workshop you’ll know how to engage your own community about what resilience means to your economy and how you can bounce back better should an emergency arise.

CEDS Process: Planning Strategically for Economic Development
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is an economic development planning process and document that allows your community to identify its strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of an area or region. Join us for a seminar led by a nationally recognized economic development expert to discuss the requirements and how to engage your community in the discussion.

Understanding & Measuring Economic Impact
How is your economy really doing? Do you have a dashboard to keep track of trends and progress? Do you know where to find up to date statistics on your economy without buying expensive software? This seminar teaches you about key economic metrics you should be watching and what they mean.

Using Economic Development Incentives Strategically
Incentives are often controversial in economic development, but used properly they can help your community to attract new businesses and grow existing firms. A force-multiplier when planning the growth of your community, incentives don’t always need to consist of monetary rewards but can also be strategic supports that help reduce the cost of doing business. This seminar focuses on the multitude of incentives and required reporting procedures to measure their ROI.

Creative Financing to Support Small Businesses
Are you looking for creative ways to help finance your business? Especially during downturns, businesses need various sources of capital to stay afloat. Join us today and find out about creative ways to finance small businesses — from bridge loans to forgivable loans, revolving loan funds, microloans and grants.

Targeted Area Revitalization
Does your community have a dwindling area or buildings that are dragging down the overall image of the community and property values? Through a holistic approach, targeted area revitalization focuses on reimaging and reviving business locations by asset mapping, engaging citizens and building champions, mobilizing resources and creatively financing revitalization projects.

Tourism: A Driver of Economic Development
Tourism is often overlooked, but this “export” can actually create a surge in the economy. Tourism is more than solely the hospitality industry; rather, it drives the entire economy around tourism destinations as it generates income and promotes employment growth for as many as a dozen industries. Join us and discover how you can measure and strengthen the tourism sector to maximize economic development.