Every weekend a neighborhood with little to no gym or healthy food access wakes up to one outside their door.

That’s what “Rock the Block” and Community Development Programs are about. We believe in equitable food and health access for all communities! EDS is at the forefront of leading food access strategies and programs, led by the next gen of thought around community health and food program leaders.

Rock the Block combines community, health, fitness, and nutrition advocacy all into one community event.

Available as a single event or a series, Rock the Block and William Cole will deliver high energy, diverse, and educational content to your community in a fun must-attend event!

Popular with diverse groups of residents, Rock the Block gets communities moving! Featuring motivational speakers on topics of healthy eating, nutrition, exercise and goal setting. Local live bands or DJ’s add to the excitement. Residents of all ages and physical conditions enjoy this community event.

EDS proudly offers a Covid-friendly version of this community event series that takes the event from neighborhood to neighborhood. Allows residents to create a “block party” feel right on their own street or local park.

EDS is on the forefront of re-thinking Health and Food Access in Communities, utilize our custom community events today!