EDS Helps Lift your Community from Food Deserts and Promotes Food Access and Security

Re-imagining food environments in an inclusive way. EDS helps achieve equitable food and health access for all communities! EDS is at the forefront of leading food access strategies and programs, led by the next gen of thought around community health and food program leaders.

EDS prides itself on re-imagining food environments in communities.

Our interactive and inclusive concepts, along with our successful track record, make us the perfect community partner to address community food concepts.

With affiliate companies in Organic Farming and Waste Management, EDS develops a 360 degree approach to a communities food environment. Our partnerships with major grocery chains and food access advocates, make re-imagining community food environments possible. Here at EDS we see Food Deserts as opportunities for ground breaking initiatives.

EDS is on the forefront of re-thinking Health and Food Access in Communities.

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