New American Economic Development Strategies (EDS) is a full service privately held Economic Development Firm dedicated to bringing the next generation of innovative Economic Development concepts, products and services to all communities. At EDS we believe that all communities have the right to access affordable and equitable Economic and Community Development.

Founded by our CEO Miranda Braatz, she leads the firm of dedicated Subject Matter Experts from around the country with the Personal Philosophy of “Using my gifts of perspicacity, passion and perseverance to equip small and mid-sized communities with innovative economic development solutions, and thereby empower them to; recover from disasters, revitalize stagnant economies and reimagine their viability in a new era.“

EDS strives to operate outside the institutional regular norms of Economic Development to envision the best possibilities for all communities. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box here at EDS.

Uniqueness is Prevailing

EDS proudly runs and operates as an inclusive company, we gladly partner with diverse community members and employ and collaborate with women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQIA+ communities.

EDS offers most programs, products and services bi-lingually in Spanish. Available upon request.